About the Program

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

Our mission is to drive excellence for people, partnerships, and performance with a best-in-class global alliance organization. On our path to success we create mutually beneficial alliances that lead to unmatched competitive advantages in the market for both Introhive and our partners.

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Membership Benefits

Our Partner Hive Program includes all the business and marketing resources you need to be successful.


Community & Marketing

Sales, marketing, and technical resources available through our partner portal. Invites for you and your customers to exclusive events.


Register deals with ease. Capture untapped business opportunities through new and existing solution offerings.

Market Leadership

Alignment with the #1 leader in Customer Intelligence. Create, market, sell, and support joint solutions that fit the needs of specific markets.

Training & Flexibility

Partnership models that meet your business needs.

Membership Tiers

There are exclusive benefits available when joining our Partner Hive.


  • System Integrators

  • Technology Partners


  • System Integrators

  • Technology Partners


  • Referral

  • Reseller

  • Remarket